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Why Blogs Are Dead

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

“Blogs Are Dead.” Google it and you find it, lots of times. The world of digital media is constantly changing, so blogs are changing too. Every once in a while, some expert tries to be cool by writing an In Memoriam for blogging. Let’s put the critique into perspective. Not all blogs claiming the death of blogs have the same authority. Take for instance this blog post Ganesh Swami wrote in 2005: “Blogs aren’t cool anymore, since every kid happens to have his own.” Besides coolness Swami mentions some more arguments why blogs are dead: linearity, lack of time, non-conformance to standards, immaturity of blogging software, and stagnancy. However, Swami himself is still blogging. Just like all other critics. Wired is still blogging, and so are Robert Scoble, Hugh MacLeod, Andrew Keen, Steve Rubel and any other blog critic. Blogging is dead, long live blogging!


Naakte ambtenaren

Monday, September 8th, 2008

“If you came here expecting to see a couple of middle-aged white guys talking in the nude, you’ve come to the wrong blog.” Zo ongeveer begint Naked Conversations, het boek van Robert Scoble en Shel Israel over corporate blogging. Ik had het vanmorgen bewust in mijn tas gestopt op weg naar de Open Koffie van overheidsnetwerk Ambtenaar 2.0. Daar hield ik een korte presentatie over de kansen die Web 2.0 aan overheden biedt om directer met burgers te converseren. In de trein terug bedacht ik mijn eigen term hiervoor: de naakte ambtenaar.