R.I.P. Pim de Kuijer


Still shocked by the news that D66 colleague Pim de Kuijer and 297 others died on Flight ‪‎MH17‬, shot down by Russian separatists in Ukraine. Pim was a dedicated political activist for Stop Aids Now and on his way to the International AIDS Conference, just like 100 others on that specific plane. We campaigned together for the Dutch elections of 2012. I still remember our hilarious trip in an unofficial ‘D66 campaign bus’ to Groningen (picture above, with Pim second left). You were always full of life, Pim. It is sad and unfair that you’re gone.

Condolences are welcome on CondoleancePim.nl. D66 politician Lousewies van der Laan wrote a personal obituary, while Channel 4 reporter Jonathan Rugman made a respectful tv item with Pim’s family. I wish them all the best.

Update 28-07: Here are some interesting columns (Dutch only): Arnon Grunberg gives his thoughts about collective mourning (in Vrij Nederland), while Marcel Duyvestijn wrote two columns for his friend Pim de Kuijer (in the Amsterdam newspapers Het Parool and Echo). Three must-reads.

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  1. African Girl Says:

    […] Some of the souls on board were people going to celebrate Ramadhan, others were going for vacation and yet many others were scientists and activists heading to Melbourne for an HIV-Aids conference. 100 of the brightest brains in HIV research were on that plane, lead by virologist Joep Lange. Expatica boss Antoine van Veldhuizen was on the flight together with his wife and children. Labour Senator Willem Witteveen as well lost his life, Pim de Kuijer of Stop Aids Now was also on the flight. […]

  2. MarketingTribune Says:

    […] Deze week schrijf ik een sober nieuwsoverzicht, want al het medianieuws wordt natuurlijk overschaduwd door de gewelddadige crash van vlucht MH17 van Malaysian Airlines. Zoals ik al schreef zijn mijn gedachten bij de 298 slachtoffers, waaronder 193 Nederlanders. Een vreselijke tragedie. […]

  3. Jeroen Mirck Says:

    For those who found this blog using Google: today I added the video of a Channel 4 report and a link to the condolence website for Pim de Kuijer.

    Update 28-07: I also added three links to interesting columns about this tragedy, written by Arnon Grunberg en Marcel Duyvestijn.

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